PaddleYak in Top Ten

Since its launching and recognition as a unique sea kayak design, the PaddleYak Swift Hybrid Adventure Kayak has continued to draw attention and impress paddlers all over. Many have called it the best kayak ever for its performance and the sheer joy they derive from paddling it, suited as it is to both novices as well as professional adventurers. At PaddleYak we certainly enjoy hearing this, but grant that it may just seem that way as it’s virtually impossible to really compare kayaks. However, the compliments keep on coming, the latest from a very experienced paddler, Rupert Kirkwood, the Lone Kayaker at  who rates the craft as one of the Top Ten in his experience. And he has plenty of that; 27 000 miles paddled in various parts of the world, including the coast of Scotland, the Southern Hemisphere, etc. He did his own longest trip ever on it. His one gripe was that it occasionally hurt his backside. No wonder! We are not all born equal so occasionally a seat may not conform to your physique, but we have found the PY Swift’s to suit most derrieres! In any case, it’s easy to fit a padded seat, or a brace, which will sort it out in a jiffy. The other gripe was the smallish screw hatch lids, a feature originally decided upon to keep the craft safe in the foulest of weather.  However, there is now a choice of a having a larger hatch with a neoprene and fibreglass lid built in if you need it. The good news is that the original PaddleYak (PY) Swift Hybrid is as popular as ever, as is the double version (the PY Swift Double), the sleeker version (the PY Fusion), the compact version (the PY Gypsy) and the latest, a sectional version, the PY TravelYak Split, which you can take anywhere in the world you wish to travel to, in a bag. To learn more about the PY Swift and its pedigree, see our website at PaddleYak.  Or email us at or phone +27 (0)825562520.  Order your PaddleYak now and enjoy an elegant and sea-worthy kayak in the Top Ten!