2022 – Exciting times ahead.

A sense of optimism that the pandemic is receding is arising. Life as we know it may soon continue with the proviso that we become much more respectful of the way we interact with nature. Even our recreational activities will have to become substantially more eco-friendly. The time of burning fossil fuels in the pursuit of leisure are all but over. Kayaking and similar sports will come to the fore as the world’s prime recreational activities, as well they should be.  PaddleYak Kayaks and REAL CAPE ADVENTURES Kayaking have always held this view and have worked at providing the necessary for the last 28 years.  Let 2022 be the year in which you participate in kayaking tours and invest in suitable kayaks.  To see what sea kayak trips and tours are available from REAL CAPE ADVENTURES and which PaddleYak Kayaks to invest in, go to www.paddleyak.co.za  or phone 0825562520 or email info@seakayak.co.za to get the whole picture.