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TOUR Operators who wish to include eco-friendly activities in their itineraries can now, by popular demand, book one day of lagoonside paddling on the CAPE KAYAK CAMINO – Plettenberg Bay.
The exciting TWO DAY/ONE NIGHT Overnight Kayak Tour has proved so popular in its first year of inception that REAL CAPE ADVENTURES cc, which has been pioneering and operating sea kayaking tours in Southern Africa and further afield for 25 years, has decided to open the tour to
those who can only fit in one day on their itineraries too. This means that participants on tight schedules and itineraries can now join the Overnight Tour too, but only do half, one day, of the tour.
This allows them to use their regular accommodation and only spend one day on kayaking. The kayak tour is run on the magnificent Plettenberg Bay Estuary, including the Keurbooms Gorge, one of the country’s prime nature sites. The best way to experience this is on a stable and eco-friendly

The activity is suitable for all from ages 10 to 90. Bookings are open now for the 2020 Jan to
June Season. To book ph +27 (0)82 5562520 or email . PS: We also offer daily kayak trips on the sea for those who specifically want to have such an experience, launching from Central beach, Plettenberg Bay, but these trips are for more capable participants and are more weather dependent.

Just as you find a huge spread in auto vehicle prices because of the varying qualities of the vehicles, so you find huge differences in prices of boats, kayaks and other watercraft. In respect of kayaks, the top of the range craft are manufactured by hand in fibreglass and other composite materials.
These give you the best quality and performances. All Olympic craft for instance are manufactured in composite fibreglass materials, including carbon and Kevlar. At the bottom of the range you will get budget roto-molded plastic play craft. These are usually for novices and recreational use and whilst providing lots of fun to many, are limited in respect of portability and versatility. If you are in the market for better performing craft to optimize your paddling time, be prepared to pay for the quality.
South Africans are fortunate to be able to still obtain composite craft at reasonable prices. Overseas you will pay up to four times more, which demonstrates the desirability of such craft, prices ranging
from R30 000.00 to R80 000.00. Make your paddling experience special; dig a bit deeper and invest in handmade kayaks like PaddleYak Sea Kayaks produced in South Africa for the world. For more,
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PaddleYak Sea Kayak Productions cc has been producing award-winning recreational, adventure
and expedition level sea kayaks since the mid-1990’s. It’s attributed with a SA innovation in respect of the hybrid sit-in/sit-on kayak concept as well as the development of SA’s top adventure racing craft and is a leader in expedition-level craft. All state-of-the-art PaddleYak Kayaks are produced by
hand in sought-after fibreglass composites, providing for the best designs and performances. Residents in and visitors to South Africa’s Garden Route are fortunate to be able to obtain these craft directly from the factory in Knysna. With the summer festive season a week away, the company
is extending itself to meet demand. All craft have to be pre-ordered, so a last chance this week to get your orders in if you still wish to have your PaddeYak Kayaks by Christmas. Support South African
manufacturers and local producers. Buy proudly-made in South Africa today. Help yourself. Help the country. Ph or Whatsapp 0825562520 or email
There are twenty different PaddleYak Kayak Models to choose from. The long-awaited PY TravelYak Split for adventure travelers will be available early in 2020 so get your name on the waiting list so you can travel to those distant shores with your world-leading sectional PaddleYak Kayak in a bag. Don’t delay your orders and your purchases. Use the opportunity, or lose

The annual influx of matriculants into Plett is happening this week and the town is already abuzz with energy. Any bursting with adrenaline interested in kayaking, or other activities in Plett? Not likely!
The focus is strictly on themselves and each other. Dancing the night away and sleeping it off in the day is the order of the day. Oh for the sweet innocent pleasures of youth. Long may it last. To share in the fun, wherever you are, invest in a proper sea kayak and go discover the waterways of the
world. PaddleYak Kayaks are open to service your orders this festive season. Order now. Ph or Whatsapp 0825562520. Email .

Kayak to adventure!

With the month of December upon us buyers are pushing to obtain the best products available locally. PaddleYak Kayaks, South Africa’s premier brand for handmade recreational and expedition level kayaks are right up there and is rallying to service orders during the festive season. The distinctive craft cater for all levels of paddling, from recreational to touring and beyond. In short,for all who wish to obtain craft to enjoy some exciting adventures with, whether in their own backyard, or locally in such locations as False Bay, Langebaan, Still Bay, Mossel Bay, Knysna, Plett, Port
Elizabeth, East London, Durban, Balito or further afield in neighboring countries such as Mozambique, Namibia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Gabon and the Congo and in offshore islands such as Mauritius, Madagascar, the Seychelles and the Comores. PaddleYak Kayaks are also shipped offshore, the last batch headed for Muscat in Oman. South Africans are indeed fortunate to be able to obtain hand-laminated fibreglass craft at the prices they are available at here from PaddleYak. It makes the upgrading from plastic play craft to the real thing, genuine sea kayaks,
a no-brainer. To discuss and order your PaddleYak Kayak, ph 0825562520 or email info@seakayak, today.

Stiglitz, the Nobel Prize winning economist has warned that austerity measures when the economic outlook is grey is a backward step, pointing out the differences in approach between Greece and Portugal, the latter recovering its economy by a more robust approach. The fact is, capitalism
depends entirely on spend for funds to go round, for projects to be launched and for wealth to grow. It’s important therefore to spend, not only on essentials such as food, fuel and accommodation, but also on lifestyle which promotes health and most importantly, morale. So, if you are in the market for that locally produced kayak, now is the time to take the bull by the horns and invest in it! Help yourself. Help the country’s economy. To order your PaddleYak Sea Kayak, ph 0825562520 or email today.

REAL CAPE ADVENTURES’ CAPE KAYAK CAMINO season runs from mid-Jan to end of June, but tours are also run on special request. T Costs are R1950 pp for two days of paddling and camping on the magnificent Plettenberg Bay Waterway, including the Bitou and Keurbooms Estuary and
Gorge. It’s also possible to do only one day of the tour at R750 pp. Book now on 0825562520 or email soonest.

The tour has been set up by Johan and Teresa Loots of REAL CAPE ADVENTURES, South Africa’s pioneering sea kayak company. Tour Operators are invited to add this tour to their itineraries too, giving their guests the best activity tour in the Garden Route and
scoring environmental points whilst doing so.

A pedalo paddle boat with a glass view port is a rarity even though pedal-type paddle boats have been around since the first paddle boat steamers took to water. PaddleYak Sea Kayak Productions cc, the innovative South Africa kayak company which introduced the hybrid kayak concept and
produces the leadin g PaddleYak range of sea kayaks, is setting up to provide pedalos with a view port for use in locations where underwater landscapes and sea conditions permit. Hotels, resorts and other outlets can now acquire self-propelled paddle boats which allow users to enjoy the
underwater landscapes at their leisure. Manufactured in South Africa’s Western Cape, the company, which has been in production for 25 years and have been awarded two national design awards, produces craft in top quality hand-laminated fibreglass for best performance, robustness and
longevity. Whilst various manufacturers have produced budget pedalos in plastic, resin-impregnated fibreglass laminates have stood the test of time. Pedalos are large craft and tend to be left in the open where they become weather-beaten. Only laminated fibreglass craft can withstand the
combined rigors of sun, heat and sea.

For more information, Whatsapp or Ph +27 (0)825562520, or email Johan at

The unseasonal poor weather which has hit much of the South African coast this week may be a harbinger of good tidings in respect of good weather for the summer season ahead. Whilst the weather may hark back to winter and thoughts of hibernating a bit longer may surface, the likelihood is that South Africa’s beaches and coast will be blossoming with good weather this season and that the demand for top notch paddling craft will exceed the supply. Whilst imported budget plastic paddling play craft may be available from supermarkets and large retail stores, the real thing, hand-laminated adventure kayaks, like the PaddleYak Kayak range, will be difficult to obtain in time for the holiday season if you have not ordered your craft already. PaddleYak Sea Kayak Productions cc, based in Knysna [but which supplies country- and worldwide], is urging customers to avoid
disappointment by placing their orders now. Suppliers of fittings and raw materials are closing early in December and are already hard-pressed to deliver back orders, meaning that craft ordered too late will only be completed in the New Year. To get your order in in time, ph 0825562520, or email

With the winning of the World Rugby Championships in Japan in Oct 2019 South Africa has been given the necessary boost to overhaul its economy which over the least two decades has been devastated by corruption, incompetence and ideology. Pres Cyril Ramaphosa has announced far-
reaching law changes to stimulate business and increase employment which currently is at one of the lowest levels in the world. Looking forward to a rosier economy and a new dawn, it’s time to invest in an authentic, home-spun product made in South Africa and recognised worldwide; a
PaddleYak Sea Kayak which is produced by PaddeYak Sea Kayak Productions CC. The company which is heading for its 25th year in production has not only survived taxing times, but prevailed. Its
craft have made it possible for many to enjoy the pleasures of kayaking, both in their own backyards and on distant shores. Its innovative and award-winning designs cater for a variety of needs, skills and applications. Become part of the South African Dream, invest in a genuine South African
product. Help yourself. Help the environment. For the best possible guidance on kayaking and kayaks, contact PaddleYak Kayaks at, ph +27(0)825562520