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South Africa is a world-in-one, not only varying from province to province, but indeed, from region to region. The country is blessed with an almost 3000 km long coastline (the 3rd longest in Africa, after Somalia and Madagascar), some of which offers outstanding sea kayaking opportunities. Add to that the lagoons and coastal rivers and lakes and you have enough water to paddle on for decades to come. So, wherever you are, you are sure to find a place to paddle and each excursion is likely to bring a new experience. Johan Loots’ book A Practical Guide to Sea Kayaking in Southern Africa appeared in 2000. In it he described 50 major kayaking locations and routes, all meticulously researched for the benefit of paddlers of varying abilities. If you are not familiar with the coast and the paddling options available, get hold of a copy of this book, or pop your questions on PaddleYak’s Enquiry/Contact form and learn just how adventurous paddling can be here. To also get the right kayak for your adventures, contact PaddleYak at info@seakayak.co.za, or phone 0825562520 or see www.paddleyak.co.za .

2022 – Exciting times ahead.

A sense of optimism that the pandemic is receding is arising. Life as we know it may soon continue with the proviso that we become much more respectful of the way we interact with nature. Even our recreational activities will have to become substantially more eco-friendly. The time of burning fossil fuels in the pursuit of leisure are all but over. Kayaking and similar sports will come to the fore as the world’s prime recreational activities, as well they should be.  PaddleYak Kayaks and REAL CAPE ADVENTURES Kayaking have always held this view and have worked at providing the necessary for the last 28 years.  Let 2022 be the year in which you participate in kayaking tours and invest in suitable kayaks.  To see what sea kayak trips and tours are available from REAL CAPE ADVENTURES and which PaddleYak Kayaks to invest in, go to www.paddleyak.co.za  or phone 0825562520 or email info@seakayak.co.za to get the whole picture.   

If you are in the market for an eco-friendly and sturdy kayak for the sea, lagoons, lakes and open rivers, go to South Africa’s favourite brand, PaddleYak, which has been producing and supplying kayaks for over twenty-five years. PaddleYak Kayaks offers you twenty different models to choose from. All are handmade locally in superior fibreglass composites to provide the best prices, best models and best performance for your needs. See PaddleYak’s comprehensive website at https://paddleyak.co.za. Speak to us for the best advice. Look out for the new PY TravelYak Split Sectional Kayak for traveling the world, as well as the latest PaddleYak Surfskis and the fun and compact PY Gypsy Duo Double for the whole family. Ph 0825562520, email info@seakayak.co.za or see the site at https://paddleyak.co.za .

Paddle Kayaks were originally found, designed and manufactured in Cape Town.  Since its inception over twenty-five years ago PaddleYak has become a household name in South Africa, won two national design awards and have shipped craft to almost forty countries at the latest count.  See PaddleYak’s new comprehensive website at www.paddleyak.co.za or phone 08725562520 or email info@seakayak.co.za to order your PaddleYak right now for the summer ahead. 

Since its launching and recognition as a unique sea kayak design, the PaddleYak Swift Hybrid Adventure Kayak has continued to draw attention and impress paddlers all over. Many have called it the best kayak ever for its performance and the sheer joy they derive from paddling it, suited as it is to both novices as well as professional adventurers. At PaddleYak we certainly enjoy hearing this, but grant that it may just seem that way as it’s virtually impossible to really compare kayaks. However, the compliments keep on coming, the latest from a very experienced paddler, Rupert Kirkwood, the Lone Kayaker at https://thelonekayaker.wordpress.com/tag/paddleyak-swift-kayak/  who rates the craft as one of the Top Ten in his experience. And he has plenty of that; 27 000 miles paddled in various parts of the world, including the coast of Scotland, the Southern Hemisphere, etc. He did his own longest trip ever on it. His one gripe was that it occasionally hurt his backside. No wonder! We are not all born equal so occasionally a seat may not conform to your physique, but we have found the PY Swift’s to suit most derrieres! In any case, it’s easy to fit a padded seat, or a brace, which will sort it out in a jiffy. The other gripe was the smallish screw hatch lids, a feature originally decided upon to keep the craft safe in the foulest of weather.  However, there is now a choice of a having a larger hatch with a neoprene and fibreglass lid built in if you need it. The good news is that the original PaddleYak (PY) Swift Hybrid is as popular as ever, as is the double version (the PY Swift Double), the sleeker version (the PY Fusion), the compact version (the PY Gypsy) and the latest, a sectional version, the PY TravelYak Split, which you can take anywhere in the world you wish to travel to, in a bag. To learn more about the PY Swift and its pedigree, see our website at PaddleYak.  Or email us at info@seakayak.co.za or phone +27 (0)825562520.  Order your PaddleYak now and enjoy an elegant and sea-worthy kayak in the Top Ten!

Theuns van Niekerk, a dapper and keen paddler from Fish Hoek, Cape Town, South Africa, has paddled a PaddleYak (PY) Swift Hybrid Adventure Kayak 46 kms from Gordon’s Bay to Fish Hoek in 6hrs 40 mins with an average speed of 6.9 kph and max speed of 9.8 kph in aid of breast cancer. His marathon included passing Seal Island, the home of Great Whites in False Bay on the Cape Peninsula. To recognise his performance you are invited to make donations to www.givengain.com/ap/theunis-van-niekerk. Theuns expressed his delight and total satisfaction with the PY Swift, South Africa’s choice adventure kayak with a pedigree as long as your arm. Theuns’ marathon can be added to the PY Swifts’ list of achievements which include Riaan Manser’s circumnavigation of Madagascar (5000 kms) in the prototype and of Iceland (2000kms), in the double version with Dan Skinstad. It also includes the Mozambique 3000 Expedition which covered 2800 kms along the coast of Mozambique and various kayak expeditions on Lakes Nyassa and Tanganyika, to mention but a few. To discuss the popular PaddleYak Kayak range, which includes craft for all levels of experience, from novice to professional, from families to expedition groups, ph +27 (0)825562520 or email info@seakayak.co.za . Support local industry and select our hand-laminated fibreglass kayaks for top performance, durability and longevity. South Africans are exceptionally lucky to have such craft available locally at economical prices, so don’t hesitate any longer. PaddleYak has delivered its unique and sought-after craft to paddlers in nearly forty countries. Paddlers there recognise the opportunity to obtain such craft at competitive prices.

It has been a long year with Covid Lockdowns, but summer is upon us, with many rushing to acquire their craft in time for the festive season. There are less than ten weeks left to Christmas so PaddleYak Kayaks are encouraging customers to place their orders now to ensure they get their craft in time.  Suppliers are hard-pressed to supply raw materials and fittings due to the delays of lockdowns around the world. Shipping has been impacted upon and bottle-necks are being experienced worldwide. Sought-after PaddleYak Kayaks are produced on order by hand using the best materials and fittings available and are dependent on orders being placed in time, before supplies run out and suppliers close for the holidays. To order now, email info@seakayak.co.za, phone +27 (0)825562520) or see www.paddleyak.co.za .

RIP Tom Morey

Tom Morey, a lover of oceans, a surfer, a fellow waterman and a maverick designer of note, can be credited with bringing the pleasures of the ocean and surfing to millions through his famous Morey-Boogie Board invention.  Many enjoy the pleasure of surfing waves in different ways, such as by standing up on a board, waveski-surfing, sailboarding, kite-surfing and body-surfing. Tom Morey introduced and perfected another way; surfing on a soft, foam-extruded body-board. Prior to this, body-boards were made of plywood and were hard and thin, giving scant flotation. The Morey Boogie Board changed all that by offering everybody, from toddlers to veterans, a soft, compact board with enough flotation to float on whilst waiting for a wave and to sustain a surfer even when standing up.  Millions have and are still enjoying the fun of surfing because of this product which have been copied and improved upon in many ways, with the sport even developing its own competitive side and exponents performing extraordinary moves on them. Few can claim to have brought so much fun to the world by providing them with the simplest of means by which to enjoy the thrills of surfing waves than Tom Morey.  He will be fondly remembered for it.

Real Cape Adventures CC was founded in the early nineties and started a number of sea kayak operations, including in Simon’s Town, Hout Bay, Langebaan, St Helena Bay, Paternoster, Plettenberg Bay and Jeffrey’s Bay, as well as further afield in Mozambique, Mauritius, Zanzibar, Madagascar, Principe and Namibia.  Most recently it launched an operation on the Camino in Spain and the Cape Kayak Camino in Plettenberg Bay. PaddleYak Kayaks were found to provide sturdy and sea-worthy kayaks for the operations and the brand has since become synonymous with adventure and creative designs. The PaddleYak (PY) Swift Hybrid Kayak model has been recognized as a unique South African innovation and has received two national design awards. It is currently supplying craft to two new tour companies operating from Cape Town’s Waterfront. South Africans are fortunate to have these export craft available locally too. They are all built upon order in hand-laminated, composite materials, for the best performance. There are twenty different models to choose from, with craft suited to all, from rank beginners, to experienced professionals. Begin and end your search for a distinctive and proudly South African sea kayak by contacting PaddleYak Kayaks now at +27 (0)825562520 or 0829203696, emailing info@seakayak.co.za or looking at www.paddleyak.co.za today.

The original PaddleYak Online Sea Kayak Store was one of the first of its kind and has been going for over twenty-five years now, setting the trend for many online stores to follow. Importantly, the site only facilitates an enquiry or the placing of an order, not payment. This allows customers to engage directly with PaddleYak, before a sale is concluded with settlement. Customers have an opportunity to speak to staff and discuss their needs following an online enquiry. This suits the nature of buying adventure equipment, often being investments in lifestyle and health, so a more informed discussion is needed to obtain the right advice and ultimately the most suitable equipment. Once decided upon, customers at PaddleYak are provided with emailed invoices which upon being settled, confirms the orders. This means customers can ensure they obtain the craft most suited to their needs. PaddleYak customers can make enquiries online directly on www.paddleyak.co.za or send an email to info@seakayak.co.za or phone or WhatsApp +27 (0)825562520 from anywhere in South Africa and the world. PaddleYak has supplied thousands of happy paddlers with its innovative products. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs. There is no better time to do so than right now!