Half a Century since Moon Landing?

Asked what they would say if they were to step onto Mars as the first human-beings to land there, a group of young students fresh from a voluntary tree-planting project deliberated and unanimously
agreed on saying this when facing the barren landscape: “Wow! A small step for man, a giant backward step for mankind. Let’s go tend the garden back home!”
Whilst the exclamation may fail to acknowledge the wealth of research spawned and the raw courage [and lives] space exploration takes, it highlights the confusion faced by the young in dealing with their futures. Exploring the planet in a time of bewildering exponential scientific discoveries and developments it’s easy to lose sight of the natural wonder about one. Nowhere more so than on a kayak when you glide off in your own world on an eco-friendly craft which burns no fuel, leaves no refuse and disturbs no-one. Away from it all you are faced with you own solitude and silence, but also the magnificence of all that about you and you have to question where science is leading us and where it leaves you. The experience is priceless in every sense of the word and accessible to all
with the smallest of investment in funding and effort. A small kayak can indeed lead to the discovery of a great world just waiting for you to find it!
Celebrate humankind’s achievements and join in the spirit of it. Take you first step by investing in a kayak today. PaddleYak Kayaks. Innovative craft just right for you.

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