PaddleYak Aid Marathon

Theuns van Niekerk, a dapper and keen paddler from Fish Hoek, Cape Town, South Africa, has paddled a PaddleYak (PY) Swift Hybrid Adventure Kayak 46 kms from Gordon’s Bay to Fish Hoek in 6hrs 40 mins with an average speed of 6.9 kph and max speed of 9.8 kph in aid of breast cancer. His marathon included passing Seal Island, the home of Great Whites in False Bay on the Cape Peninsula. To recognise his performance you are invited to make donations to Theuns expressed his delight and total satisfaction with the PY Swift, South Africa’s choice adventure kayak with a pedigree as long as your arm. Theuns’ marathon can be added to the PY Swifts’ list of achievements which include Riaan Manser’s circumnavigation of Madagascar (5000 kms) in the prototype and of Iceland (2000kms), in the double version with Dan Skinstad. It also includes the Mozambique 3000 Expedition which covered 2800 kms along the coast of Mozambique and various kayak expeditions on Lakes Nyassa and Tanganyika, to mention but a few. To discuss the popular PaddleYak Kayak range, which includes craft for all levels of experience, from novice to professional, from families to expedition groups, ph +27 (0)825562520 or email . Support local industry and select our hand-laminated fibreglass kayaks for top performance, durability and longevity. South Africans are exceptionally lucky to have such craft available locally at economical prices, so don’t hesitate any longer. PaddleYak has delivered its unique and sought-after craft to paddlers in nearly forty countries. Paddlers there recognise the opportunity to obtain such craft at competitive prices.