PaddleYak Darter Tourer


It is suitable for paddlers under 95kgs. Price shown is EX VAT.



This lightweight sea kayak is a more compact version of the larger PY Solo. The PY Darter was designed to do shorter trips unencumbered by extra hatches, bulkheads and the large volume. The PY Darter is easy to carry, launch, surf and paddle. It has the same comfortable seat as the PY Solo and this tourer version features the same robust PaddleYak rudder system of the larger models.

It has one inspection hatch for storage and an optional one if required. It is the ideal craft for those just wishing to have some fun on an easy-to-carry and stable craft. In the hands of more experienced paddlers it can even be used for more specialised applications. The Tourer comes with PaddleYak’s unique new twist and lock rudder system. The stripped-down Tripper version [see elsewhere on this website] comes without trimmings, or a rudder, at a discount.

Additional information

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 3.7 × 60 cm