PaddleYak Pro-X Surfski



PaddleYak has hit the jackpot with this surfski; the PY Pro-X Open Ocean Surfski. The craft features the same bottom hull as the PY Adaptor, one of the fastest craft available, but offers greater volume in the deck for larger paddlers and rougher conditions. The PY Pro-X features a high bow profile, a protective cockpit and a quick-adjusting, foot pedal system. The craft has one optional medium hatch fitting for use in marathons, or expeditions, the first surfski in the world to have originally shown this adaptation. The self-draining cockpit scuppers feature safety-first, skin fittings. It comes in fibreglass as well as carbon composite options at additional cost. Break from the flock; try this craft: it may just make the difference for you. Price shown is ex Vat.

Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 6.15 × 44 cm