PaddleYak Swift Double


It is a leading adventure racing kayak in Southern Africa and was the kayak of choice in the Mozambique 3000 Sea Kayak Expedition. Recently Riaan Manser and Dan Skinstad circumnavigated Iceland in adverse conditons and Brent Wibberley and Nic Haan crossed Lake Turkana, the Jade Sea,in one.


The PY Swift Hybrid Double Adventure Kayak is a high performing craft, the choice of adventurers and adventure racing teams doing extended tours and expeditions. The full hybrid version offers sit-on/sit-in seats with self-draining scuppers and protective coamings for optional sprayskirts. The combination of these features makes for a unique and safe craft. The low volume and low deck minimizes the effects of wind and eases re-entry after a capsize, making it a reliable craft under adverse conditions, as proved by Manser and Skinstad’s adventure in Iceland. The Swift Double sports PaddleYak’s adjustable rudder system as well as two large screw hatches and two small ones inside the cockpits for smaller items. Bungees and additional hatches can be fitted on the large stern deck. The Swift Hybrid Double does not only offer the necessary speed for adventure racing, but also stability for those exploring, cruising, or paddling for exercise and fun. It is an attractive craft which has already become a classic.

The hybrid sit-in/sit-on design was a world first which spawned similar craft, not only offering kayakers an alternative to standard sit-ins and sit-ons, but setting new trends in kayak design and safety. It is also available without the coamings, making it a sleek, no frills, sit-on craft, at a competitve price. PY Swift Double Sit-On [without Coaming]: R16900 ex Vat. PY Swift Double Hybrid [with Coaming]: R19500 ex Vat.



Additional information

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 6 × 68 cm