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REAL CAPE ADVENTURES’ kayak destinations have been carefully selected to provide paddlers and travellers with the best and safest experiences.  Each has something unique to offer, including viewing marine life such as seals, dolphins, penguins and whales. Participants need to be normally fit and healthy as paddling requires some exertion and endurance. But no experience is needed.

Real Cape Adventures

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  • RCA’s Daily Kayak Trips & Tours
  • RCA’s Overnight Cape Kayak Camino – Plett
  • RCA’s 10-Day Cape & Garden Route Kayak Tour
  • RCA’ s FarmYaks – Paddling on Farms.
  • RCA’s Kayak Tours further afield
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Kayak Tours and Services

Johan Loots described sixty kayak routes in his book A Practical Guide to Sea Kayaking in Southern Africa. In his international book, An Essential Guide to Sea Kayaking, he describes the skills of sea kayaking and routes worldwide.
To facilitate safe paddling and professional guiding, Loots set up of the first sea kayak guide course in South Africa, paving the way for future developments with a local forum, TASKS – The African Sea Kayak Society and ISKIA – International Sea Kayak Instructors Association, a blueprint for an international sea kayak association.

Real Cape Adventures
⋇ various tours

Hosting several tours world wide over the years, Cape Kayak Camino and Paddle Plett are the latest bucket list must do trips

⩫ guide training

REAL CAPE ADVENTURES cc sponsors TASKS - The African Sea Kayak Sea Kayak Society - and is promoting The International Sea Kayak Instructor Association [ISKIA]. If you are interested in kayak guide training and/or employment, contact us.

⋇ Dealers and agents

Customers can book sea kayak trips and tours with REAL CAPE KAYAK ADVENTURES cc on this website wherever they are in the world.  In certain areas customers may also book through approved agents.

⩫ business opportunity

REAL CAPE ADVENTURES cc has inspired the setting up of various sea kayak operations in Africa as well as elsewhere in the world. It offers a variety of business options, including turnkey operations. Contact us if you are interested in running an adventure sea kayak business in your area, wherever that may be. 

Sponsoring Sea Kayak adventures

To promote the sport as well as their craft and tours, PaddleYak Sea Kayak Productions cc and REAL CAPE KAYAK ADVENTURES cc co-sponsor sea kayak adventures and expeditions. These have included :

~ The  RCA Mozambique 3000 Sea Kayak Expedition, the Malawi Kayak Challenge and the Lake Tanganyika Kayak Expedition which saw adventurous paddlers exploring exciting new routes.

Real Cape Adventures
Real Cape Adventures

~ Riaan Manser, adventurer extraordinaire, who circumnavigated Madagascar in a PaddleYak®  Swift Hybrid Classic  and as well as Iceland, together with Dan Skinstad, in a PaddleYak®Swift Hybrid Double.