Customers are reminded that there are only 50 days to Christmas from the 5th of November 2019.
The World Rugby Cup has distracted many from their own plans this summer so this is a reminder to buyers to get their orders for PaddleYak Kayaks in soonest. PaddleYak Sea Kayak Productions is SA’s premier sea kayak manufacturer. There are 20 PaddleYak models to choose from, each one having been developed for a special application. PaddleYak Kayaks are hand-laminated in durable fibre-reinforced materials for long-term use. They are proudly South African and have stood the test of time. Contact us now and discuss your needs. Ph +27 (0)825562520 or email

Rugby World Cup 2019

Cheers all round to the Boks for their gutsy performance at the World Rugby Cup 2019 in Japan.
Their victory over worthy England in the grand final has cemented the nation and one hopes it is inspired to take the next step towards wholesomeness and future prosperity. PaddleYak Kayaks and
REAL CAPE ADVENTURES take pleasure in congratulating all concerned and wishing the team and the nation all the best in going from strength to strength from here on forward.

Today is Global Warming Strike Day and millions are striking to inspire the world and its citizens to take responsibility for global warming through the choices they make every day [see]. It raises the question in every sphere of life, including in tourism, just how much one is contributing to global warming through one’s pursuits. Tourism is a main culprit, inspiring million to travel in the pursuit of fun. Tour companies are presumably addressing the issues, reducing carbon footprints wherever possible. Perhaps they should become graded in respect of their carbon output.
Gradings would have to distinguish between getting to destinations and the actual activities engaged in when there. If the latter was the criterion, nature-orientated companies eschewing the use of fossil-burning vehicles, like hiking and kayaking companies, would be on top of the list of eco-friendly operations. Bus companies and companies depending on vehicles for their activities would be on the bottom of the list [for as long as they do not switch to electric power, and even that may be an issue].

Eco-conscious travelers should consider their traveling plans and choose companies which produce less or zero emissions in the pursuit of what they offer. It seems to be the ethical thing to do, yet very few tourists would make any concessions in their travel plans iro the amount of fossil fuel they will be using in the pursuit of it. One way to do it is to include kayak tours in your itinerary. Choose kayak tours above any activities requiring vessels which burn up fuel and thereby contribute to global warming and eventually to the suffocation of life on earth, which is what the strikes are about today. Wherever you are or when visiting South Africa and the Garden Route, choose kayaking above all to explore the unspoilt nature areas about. Be responsible. Consider future generations. Demonstrate
to others what the right thing is to do. Book your trips and tours with REAL CAPE ADVENTURES, the country’s premier sea and lagoon kayak company. REAL CAPE ADVENTURES SA salute all youth standing up for their futures today. The future is yours. Demand it.